Our Products

We feature the exclusive Willow Creek line of potpourri and candles. After years of research and experience, we have developed select, distinctive fragrances we know you will enjoy.

Our products include:

 Potpourri by the bag $20

 Potpourri by the box $20

 Willow Creek custom candle $25

Potpourri and candles are available in the following fragrances:
Dallas Wildflower (Shalimar and French vanilla)
Rain Tree (Patchouli)
Pomander (Clove and Citrus)
Christmas Scent (a consistent holiday favorite)

Our potpourri and candles are unique gifts that are perfect for a wide variety of occasions. Simply call us at (214) 369-3776 or send us an email if you would like to purchase one of our products. Consider pairing our products with an elegant arrangement of fresh flowers.